About Us

BeyondTheUltimate.org is a Web site where top athletes from around the world in various sports talk about their faith in Jesus Christ and how that has impacted them in their lives and their athletics. The Web site is updated often to feature athletes involved in the sports of the season or the current top athletic events in the world. You will also find articles and videos aimed at helping you grow in understanding and the practice of the Christian faith.

We encourage you to read the stories, watch the videos and consider the eternal impact on your life.

If this site is an encouragement to you then you may want to share it with someone. Please click on the links on the right to email a friend or embed the code to your personal site. For more information email us: contactus@beyondtheultimate.org

The views on this site represent the views of individual athletes and coaches and do not represent the official viewpoints of their teams, leagues or federations. The involvement of all athletes who participate is entirely voluntary.

BeyondTheUltimate.org works with team chaplains to ensure the faith and maturity of the athletes on the site. We do recognize that athletes make mistakes, but if their relationships with God and actions in life show continued growth, BTU will continue to help provide a platform on which they can share their stories.

All images on the site are copyright protected and may not be used.



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